Sunday, April 3, 2011

Have You Heard? YA Bloggers Book Battle

Have you heard about the YA Bloggers Book Battle 2011 - Best Overlooked Book yet? I just discovered it today, and it sounds like so much fun! I always hear about the School Library Journal's Battle of the Children's Books, but it's never anything I'd be able to be involved with myself. It's an NCAA-style bracket for books - what could be better? there's a chance to be involved, and to give some input into the books selected for the brackets.

The YA Bloggers Book Battle is hosted by Alyssa at and there's still time to nominate books for the Best Overlooked Book of the last ten years and have book bloggers (including me!) judge the brackets for the battle. This will be going through July as books are narrowed down to the final rounds. Get into the excitement now - go nominate a book or volunteer to be a judge - and keep checking back for updates on her site as the Battle continues.

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