Sunday, December 18, 2011

2011 YA Story Scavenger Hunt (Question #35)

I'm today's hunt stop for the 2011 YA Story Scavenger Hunt!

Follow the hunt every day during the month of December! Answer the daily trivia questions from MG and YA books published during 2011 to be entered into the YA book giveaway.

Today's question is from Shine by Lauren Myracle.
Question #35: What does Wally illegally sell?
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  1. I have GOT to catch up on my YA books!!! I've always been a passionate reader, but didn't start reading YA and MG books until this past year when I started teaching 6th grade. I started out slow with them because I was still hooked on my adult books, but my speed has increased and now I feel like I'm about to get pulled over by the book police! :) But I still have so many more to read! This looks like so much fun-maybe there will be one book that I have already read and can answer the question on. But at least I can get some great ideas! Thanks for this fun idea!