Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Waiting for INSURGENT? Read Free Four!

INSURGENT is less than a week away now! 
While you're waiting for it to get into your hands so you can finally read the next part of Tris and Four's journey (which is so, so good - read my spoiler-free review), you can get a peek at a key scene from DIVERGENT from Four's perspective!
Because they hit their goal of at least 35,000 pre-orders of INSURGENT, Veronica Roth and the kind people at HarperCollins have given us this gift to make the waiting a little easier and to whet your appetite for more. So, go check it out on facebook's Divergent page, & gain a little perspective on what's going on inside Tobias' head during the events of DIVERGENT.
Enjoy - I know I did! :)


  1. How do I find Free Four once I'm on the Divergent Facebook page?

  2. It might not be available anymore because I believe it's being offered for purchase in ebook format.