Sunday, May 6, 2012

Divergent/Insurgent/??? - 3rd Book Title Predictions

Now that INSURGENT is out in the world and people are reading it, I can share one small part of the email conversation Brian Wyzlic (my sister classroom teacher-you can find him on twitter and at Wyz Reads) and I had when I shared my early ARC copy with him.
We closed out our conversation talking about our thoughts for the title of the third book in the series. We placed a little bet along with sharing our guesses. Then, on twitter this morning, @thebrainlair, was talking about the title for book three and when I shared that we had been talking about it already, she suggested we do a poll so we can see what people are thinking, so here it is.

Vote for your guess below, and if it's other, please share your idea in the comments! 
Will be interesting to see what the readers think!


  1. I love when authors put a lot of thought into titles adn character names! Way back when I heard the name fo book 2, I looked it up! Love that Roth included the definition in the book also. That's what lead me to Resurgent as my guess!

  2. I picked Convergent. I'm soooooo curious to know!