Friday, July 27, 2012

ENTICE by Jessica Shirvington

Title: ENTICE (sequel to EMBRACE)
Author: Jessica Shirvington
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Release Date: September 4, 2012
Number of Pages: 464
Source of Book: ARC from publisher at ALA
Violet Eden is Grigori - part angel, part human. Her destiny is to protect humans from the vengence of exiled angels.
Knowing who to trust is key but, when Grigori reinforcements arrive, it becomes clear everyone is hiding something. Even Lincoln. The only thing Violet does know: Phoenix's hold over her is more dangerous than ever.
The race to find the one thing that could tilt the balance of power brings them all to the sacred mountains of Jordan, where Violet's power will be pushed to the extreme. And the ultimate betrayal exposed.

Enticed is the second compelling book in The Violet Eden Chapters.
Those of you who have read my blog may remember that I was obsessively enamored of EMBRACE when I read it back in January. So I was super-excited to see that Sourcebooks would have advanced copies of it at ALA because I was dying to find out what would happen with Violet an Linc next. Five pages into ENTICE, I was, once again, drawn into this well-imagined world of the Grigori and didn't want to leave. ENTICE was just as enthralling and energizing and engaging as EMBRACE was for me. After all that happened to Violet in the first book, especially with her decisions at the end, I knew things would have changed for her, and they had, but more so within herself and how she could manage to deal with the events leading up to her embracing her angel side. As she is trying to figure out how all of this is going to continue to affect her, she is thrown into the middle of a psychological battle between light and dark as they search for something that could change the seat of power for all.

Along with that, she's trying to figure out what to do with her feelings for Linc. My favorite part of this second book was actually the secondary characters. The best friend, Steph, had a much larger role to play and she is great at what she does. In addition, the new characters who were introduced added a larger dimension to this world in which Violet is now living and training. They all add something more to the story, but I especially loved Spence. Some of the old favorites are there as well, and as plot driven as these stories are, and as creative and intricate as the world-building is, and as destined as the romance seems to be, it's still the characters that make it what it is as they are enjoyable to read about. If you read and enjoyed EMBRACE, you'll want to get ENTICE in September for sure. And then, when you read the end, you'll likely be eagerly anticipating EMBLAZE, the next book in this four book series,  just as much as I am now.

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