Thursday, July 19, 2012

#summerthrowdown Wrap-Up

A month ago, you may remember, we started our first ever #summerthrowdown Librarians vs. Teachers. I'm still blown away by how many more participants and number books were read than I ever imagined when we started this whole idea. I'm amazed at what a group of awesome readers will do when they get a little challenge for extra incentive/motivation. It was great fun and had such a positive result, so we all wanted to share the outcome with you.  *You can see posts from the other team leaders here: Brian (@brianwyzlic), Kathy (@thebrainlair), & Sherry (@libraryfanatic).

A little math to put it all in perspective...
Number of participants: 161
Number of days: 30
Number of books* read: 2,871
Average # of books*/person: 17.8
(*Well, actually a few more books than that because picture books under 50 pages=1/4 point & books from 50-150 pages=1/2 point)

Round 1 went to the #LeagueofLibrarians (18.82 books/person), but #TeamTeacher (16.65 books/person) had a strong showing as well. That's more than a book every two days!
From my perspective, everyone came out of this a winner because we all read SO much! 
Congrats everyone and thanks for playing with us!
Oh, and don't forget to go enter the raffle to win a book if you haven't yet!

If you want to join in the fun again, or if you missed it the first time, round 2 is starting on Sunday. We've made some adjustments based on the feedback we got from everyone this round, so be on the lookout for a kick-off post from our fearless librarian leaders Sherry & Kathy soon.
Also, the four of us thought it might be fun to have a few participants share a Top 10 (or 5 or 3 or 1) Books read on each of our blogs, so we're looking for 4 #summerthrowdown participants who would be interested in writing a post on their favorite books read during this time. If you think you'd like to do so, please fill out THIS FORM and we'll randomly select four readers to share (We will be in contact with you if you're one of them). Thanks! Yay reading!

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