Thursday, September 13, 2012

Picture Book Praise: I SAY, YOU SAY OPPOSITES by Tad Carpenter

Author: Tad Carpenter
Publisher: LB Kids
Release Date: September 11, 2012
Number of Pages: 18 (board book)
Source of Book: Board book from publisher
Series Website:
I say reading, you say fun! This book of opposites is colorful, playful and encourages interactive learning through basic techniques like prediction and repetition. But really, most importantly, it’s super, duper, crazy fun and everyone in the whole family will enjoy it. With I Say, You Say, your little ones can: say new words, recognize opposites, and learn and play!
I SAY, YOU SAY OPPOSITES is a little different than the typical picture book I recommend as it is definitely aimed at a much younger audience, but it was so much fun I wanted to share it. While this book is not one that I would probably use in my middle school classroom (unless as a model text to create their own version of these books to read to younger graders - hey, I'm actually kind of liking that idea; I might just do that.), it was such a cute book to read with my young niece and a great one to share for anyone who has little ones.

The illustrations are cartoonish and bright colored and fun. It even has a lift-the-flap design, which is so great for interactiveness with little kids. The illustrations have an energy to them overall which kept the book moving and the interest of the little kids reading it, while showing variety and diversity. They're definitely learning as they read this one, and the concept of opposites, with the appropriate pictures to back it up, is one that is beneficial to little kids. The repeated phrasing also allows kids to predict what might be coming next as they learn their opposite concepts.

So far there are two books in the series, with I SAY, YOU SAY ANIMAL SOUNDS also available now. These will definitely make it into my "baby shower" book buying stack.

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