Saturday, November 17, 2012

Secrets & Lies Blog Tour, Guest Post & GIVEAWAY (THE LIAR SOCIETY)

I'm so excited to be a part of the Secrets & Lies Blog Tour because I adored Kate and her story in THE LIAR SOCIETY last year. Now that the sequel, LIES THAT BIND, is out (and is also great fun like the first book), Lisa & Laura Roecker have a little bit to say about what's going on.
Author: Lisa and Laura Roecker
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Release Date: November 6, 2012
Number of Pages: 320
Just when Kate Lowry thought she had life at elite private school Pemberly Brown figured out, she cracks open a fortune cookie to find a message from her best friend Grace--who's supposed to be dead.

Another Sister Gone

A classmate has gone missing, and Kate soon realizes that the disappearance is tied to the secret societies that rule her private school. Her best friend died for their secrets, and there's no way she'll let them get away with it twice. It's up to quirky outsider Kate to get some answers, but in a school where every answer leads to more questions and nothing's as it seems, who can she trust?
The One Way to Keep a Secret is by Using a Dead Language
by Lisa & Laura Roecker
     There are three girls in the Roecker family and when each of us turned thirteen, we were sent to board at an all-girls’ school in upstate New York. It was within these prep school’s walls where we first fell into secret-society-like all-girls’ clubs. This experience is no doubt the inspiration behind not only Pemberly Brown, but the secret societies as well.
     Just kidding.
     All of us graduated from Solon High School. Picture scuffed tile floors, institutional grey walls and those uncomfortable chair/desk units that make your butt fall asleep. Solon was a fabulous school system and we were more than prepared for college, but we wore regular clothes, hung out with regular people and learned regular things (Latin? Um…no). We weren’t exactly infiltrating secret societies in order to solve the mystery of our best friend’s death. More like applying concealer to the gigantic pimple on the tip of our nose.
     But that’s the whole point. Pemberly Brown is for all the girls (and boys!) out there who go to those boring high schools. Anything can happen at PB and every time we write a new story, the school grows larger and a bit more magical. Kate stumbles upon the Sisterhood and Brotherhood in THE LIAR SOCIETY because we wanted to play around with sororities and fraternities at the high school level as well as hazing and competitiveness.  The societies stand for everything Kate wants to destroy because they inadvertently killed her best friend, but you’ll see in THE LIES THAT BIND, the struggle she faces when she’s not sure who to trust. She gets it wrong. She’s not perfect. And even though she’s fighting much greater problems than we faced in high school, she’s relatable and fun. Plus, she makes us thank our lucky stars we weren’t sent away to that boarding school in upstate New York.
Guest post generously provided by Sourcebooks.
Thanks to Sourcebooks (love them!), I get to giveaway one copy of THE LIAR SOCIETY: LIES THAT BIND. Enter below.
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  1. I haven't heard of this story, so interesting to read about the plot. I didn't know schools still had sororities & fraternities. Do they? Thanks for telling about it. I suspect some students at my school would love it.

  2. Although his books aren't continuations - I love anything by Charles Martin.

  3. When I read Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver, I knew that I wanted to read more from her. In the beginning of the Delirum series, I thought Lena was weak and too accepting, but I love the way Oliver shaped her in the second book as such a strong, developed character.

    Thanks for this giveaway. I'm excited to share it with my students! :)

  4. Thanks for this giveaway!
    Maria V. Snyder, Libba Bray and Maggie Stiefvater are basically auto-buy authors for me, after loving all their books so far.
    Great post!