Monday, April 13, 2020

#classroombookaday Recommendations: Social Emotional Learning

Each month of this school year I am getting a chance to share a themed list of 20 recommended picture book titles for #CLASSROOMBOOKADAY read alouds in partnership with Follett Classroom. Each booklist is accompanied by a blog post explaining more in depth my thoughts in creating the list and why I chose those specific titles. 

*With everything going on in our country, and the world, right now as we all live through anxiety and trauma, it is even more important that we consider the social emotional learning of our students. Though this list was put together several months ago, many of these titles will be especially applicable to our, and our students', needs right now.*

One of the great parts of this partnership is that my recommendation lists are also being saved in Titlewave which allows them to be easily found and shared with librarians for purchasing for school libraries!

My April 2020 list is all about Social Emotional Learning! 
[Please visit this link to read the accompanying blog post]
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You can also find all of my posts & lists I've done with Follett at my landing page

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