Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Honoring Black Lives: A Virtual Picture Book Library

I've been working on a thing! I was already planning on making a slideshow similar to this that would link to my own read aloud videos for my staff at my schools to utilize in further distance learning and teaching if needed. Then when I saw so many educators sharing a different resource that linked to videos that violated copyright, I decided to shift my focus a bit and make this public-facing version first. 

Because it is important that we, as educators, provide good models of digital citizenship for our students and other educators. Yes, even when we are sharing free resources! And especially in an effort to support authors and illustrators! 

Educators need to respect intellectual property rights and follow copyright laws. As a school librarian, it is part of my job to know copyright regulations and help teaching staff understand how to align with copyright laws, so I included parts of that in this resource. 

So, after a week of working on it, I can finally share
A Virtual Picture Book Library Honoring Black Lives

The slideshow includes links to 56 copyright-compliant read aloud videos + 66 more recommended picture book titles (with links to book trailers or author/illustrator video resources if I could find them) that I recommend. These are a mix of picture books that focus on Black Joy & Magic, Empowering Stories, Racial & Community Awareness, & Black People Impacting the World. And I made an effort to curate a collection that is primarily Black authors and/or illustrators.

Because #BlackLivesMatter on our bookshelves
& behind the pages also. 

Please remember, 
we support Black creators when we abide by copyright 
& buy (or request our libraries buy) their books!

If you want to share with students, but your district Google enterprise settings block it,
try this publish to the web version for sharing.

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