Saturday, August 15, 2020

#ClassroomBookADay Updates & Things You Might Want Access To

I have gotten several questions and requests about a few items related to #ClassroomBookADay this summer, so I'm putting them all in one post for ease of sharing on multiple platforms. 

Summer Learning On Demand Access

I presented two live workshops this summer and recorded the Zoom sessions. Since I am back at school already, I am not able to offer another live session, but I can offer on demand access to the recordings at a discounted rate from the live sessions.

Registration Cost is $15 for one session, $25 for both. 

#ClassroomBookADay 101 
Going Deeper with #ClassroomBookADay: The Power of Critical Selection

Please indicate which workshop you are registering for when sending payment.
You will receive an email with the link to the unlisted YouTube recording within 24 hours after submitting payment.


Digital Display Grids

Due to popular demand with many schools starting the school year with remote learning, I created a digital display grid to track your #ClassroomBookADay read alouds. The Google Slides file includes grid options for a year, a quarter, bi-weekly, & weekly. Once you have your copy, you can edit colors, fonts, and wording as desired to fit your preferences. 

You will receive an email with the link to the file that will force a copy for yourself within 24 hours after submitting payment.

Payment Info

I am using PayPal & Venmo for easy access to make things easier & quicker right now.
Send personal payment of & 2.00 (NOT goods & services) through
If checking goods & services box, you must add $1 to payment amount.

Or send payment through Venmo @heisereads.

#cbadSpotlight September-November 2020

Last year for the 5 year anniversary of #classroombookaday, I decided to celebrate by finding a way to connect educators around some of the same books and also to do more to promote some of the books I most highly recommend, especially from BIPOC creators. I appreciated a chance to share some books I think are important for students to hear and educators to know about, and want to continue with this next iteration of #classroombookaday.

For this second year of #cbadSpotlight, I am making a couple of adjustments. First, I will be spotlighting 4 books each month, so you have a weekly selection to connect to what others doing #classroombookaday are sharing. I also figured out one of the reasons I was having trouble making my decisions on this year's books is because I was feeling the pressure of having to make choices now for 8 months in the future - having no idea what kind of state we will be in by then! So, in order to be able to be responsive and sensitive to the times we are in, this year I will be releasing titles three months at a time. I hope you find titles you are excited about, some new to you, and ones that will support your efforts with your students this fall!

Here are the first three months of the 2020-2021 #cbadSpotlight selections!

Friday, August 14, 2020

#ClassroomBookADay Recommendations: Relationship Building at the Start of the Year

I'm excited to be partnering with Follett for a second year of monthly book lists! Each month of this school year I will be sharing a themed list of 20 recommended picture book titles for #CLASSROOMBOOKADAY read alouds in partnership with Follett Classroom. Each booklist is accompanied by a blog post explaining more in depth my thoughts in creating the list and why I chose those specific titles.

One of the great parts of this partnership is that my recommendation lists are also being saved in Titlewave which allows them to be easily found and shared with librarians for purchasing for school libraries!

My September list is all about Relationship Building
for the start of a new school year! 
[Please visit this link to read the accompanying blog post]

You can also find all of my posts & lists I've done with Follett at my landing page
And you can shop this list & many more for your personal or classroom collection at my Bookshop page!

Monday, August 10, 2020

#pb10for10 2020 | Ten Picture Books for This Time

This August is unlike any August before, but if there is one thing I know about picture books, it's that they help us connect, empathize, and grow community with students in ways that go deeper than many other activities we do in classrooms. Because of that, and the unique situations educators are finding themselves in this year, I wanted to continue participating in Cathy & Mandy's #pb10for10 event celebrating picture books and providing many fabulous #classroombookaday choices. I inevitably end up with a longer wish list and shopping cart and a maxed out hold list at my library after reading all of the posts.  So get ready, and then go check out other educators' lists today at Enjoy and Embrace Learning!

I am often asked what books I recommend for that first week back with students. This year, it seems even more important to hit the right note from the start, after the uncertainty of the last five months and looking ahead to living within this pandemic schooling uncertainty for awhile yet. I already shared my #BuildYourStack lists of Ten Must-Share Picture Books of 2020 and I posted a list of 37 Back-to-School 2020 Recommendations recently. But beyond that, I wanted to focus this year's Picture Book 10 for 10 on titles that I think are going to be especially needed and important for this time right now as we head back to school in a variety of ways.

So with this year's Picture Book 10 for 10 list, 
I chose titles that will welcome students back and support them in looking ahead, along with showing them they are cared for and have a place in the community being built. 
These are my recommendations for Ten Picture Books for Right Now that I hope will meet the unique needs of classrooms at this time and build a base for the future.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Back-to-School Picture Books 2020 Recommendations for #classroombookaday

With all of the uncertainty facing educators about how we might be starting this school year, there is one thing I do know for certain: We can use picture books to start building relationships and connections with and among our students. Whether virtual behind a screen or in person behind a mask/shield, we can use picture books to create a more welcoming environment that honors all students and shows them they have a place in our virtual or physically distanced classroom communities.

For my back-to-school recommendations this year, I have chosen books with themes of friendship, focusing on the power of names, being welcoming to those from other cultures, doing our best in the circumstances we are given, thinking about worry and what to do with it, several around families near and far, some straight-forward ones around racism and viruses and consent, grieving those lost or moved away, dealing with worry around the first day, empowering stories, those that honor Black lives and raise up Asian American creators and characters, and a few that are just fun in thinking about our classroom and reading spaces. I believe this collection will have something for everyone to fit that first month back with students as teachers try to be responsive to the needs of their group and build community from the start.
I hope that these titles will bring you comfort and inspiration for the work we have ahead during this ongoing global pandemic to keep kids and relationships at the heart of our classrooms, no matter the worry, fear, anxiety, or despair that may also be present. I wish you the best in whatever your circumstances may be as we head back this year. xo Jillian
Here are 37 picture books I recommend for back-to-school read alouds this year.